June 07, 2012

Swap with Linh (Blushology)

Hi Everyone!

I hope everyone is coming to the middle of the year just as motivated as you were at the beginning of this year.  I have to admit that my weight loss journey is going backwards, not forwards!  While I'm completely upset at my continuing weight gain, I really have no one to blame but myself.  Laziness, procrastination, and making excuses for the smallest of things, i.e., my toenail hurts.  <--  Yes, things of that nature.  >_<

So, Mr. P and I had a serious, short, and firm discussion this morning about being strict with ourselves to hit the gym every day and eat right.  That means, I need to find a way to give myself that boost of energy in the mornings, to find time in the evenings to cook, and to cook healthy and fit meals for us. 

Anyways, that's the goal.  This should have gone on my Fitness Journal page, but I figure I'll be more accountable if I put this on the main page.  I have all of you to keep me in line!  ^_^

Sorry for the ramble. 

Without further ado, here are the products I got from my swap with Linh last month. 


Mr. P and I have already eaten the Hello Kitty marshmallows.  Actually, he had one, and I the rest!  

I can't wait to try the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream.  From what I can gather, it is a rather fancy hand/body cream for extremely dry skin.  This will be perfect in my office!!!

The Sephora + Pantone Universe lipstick and eyeliner are kind of intimidating to me because of the bright orange color, but hot damn!  They do look very very nice, don't they?  I've already swatched the eyeliner.  It's goes on like butter and stays put like a stain!  If I can pull off this color, I will definitely upload it on a FOTD!

I've never had a Make Up For Ever product before, so I can't wait until I get to open up the Smoky Lash mascara.  Maybe I'll do a Battle Mascara on it.  :-)

The NARS cream stick blush looks so gorgeous!  I have to wait until the summer months pass.  My skin is getting very oily these days.  It already sucks that my makeup slips around when I wear my sunglasses (they rest on my cheek, not my nose!), so I don't want that happening when I try this product!

I think the MAC Cremesheen Glass is what Linh calls "my lips but better."  I will definitely open this up in September before I go on my Taiwan trip.  The reason?  I want something secure to take with me on the plane and to Taiwan.  The glosses I have right now are all in pans, which I'm trying so hard to use up!

Oh, my God!  Where do I even start with these Stila palettes?!?!  Inside, I'm just a quivering mass of excitement! 

Thank you again, Linh!

I hope everyone is having a great week!



Maddi3 said...

Hello ma'am stumbled across your page from Christine (Ms Soda Pop)....

Love this swap! Looks like homegirl hooked it up! Jk but yeah I have the Sephora and Pantone Lipstick and love it but haven't really used the eyeliner as eyeliner. I just use it as a lipliner :P

Kusanagi said...

@Maddi3 Thank you! I didn't know you could use it as a lip liner! I may have to try that out one day... when I'm feeling super adventurous. Haha!

Linh said...

You're welcome!!! =)

Linh said...

You're welcome!!! =)

Ari said...

I loved smokey lash! But it didnt really hold a curl and smudged a bit but I still truly loved it! I have a review on it on my blog if your interested. I really want to try the waterproof version of smokey lash but I have too many other tubes of mascara to get through first....

I absolutely love the stila palettes. I collected all of them in that travel line! I kind of regret it because I didnt use a few of them because the colors arent something I would normally wear. I stopped buying the newer ones but I absolutely love how travel friendly they are!

Kusanagi said...

@Ari. Thanks! I'm still working through my Fairydrops mascara but I hope to be able to try out the Smokey Lash mascara soon. I don't think I mind if it's water proof or not anymore... LOL, it's the power of the Too Faced eyelid primer now.


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