October 15, 2012

New China Airlines Collection and New Skincare Routine

Hi All,

Sorry for the long lapse in time between posts.  I have a lot going on in my life right now and I'm trying to work through all that other stuff.

Well, I promised you that I would eventually post on the beauty products I got on my latest trip to Asia.  I like to call these my China Airlines new buys because I buy them during the flight.  I mean, there's nothing to do for 11-13 hours, and you pick up the Sky Boutique Magazine... and then... you're a couple hundred bucks lighter.  But I was good, I only bought 4 items.  Here are the 2 Kate Lorraine products I got.

Kate Lorraine Placenta Serum is supposed to help your skin's suppleness and elasticity through collagen, placenta, and vitamins.

Kate Lorraine Collagen Vitamin Cream is supposed to help your skin maintain its moisture levels through collagen, elastin, vitamins, and placenta.

So far, I like these two products.  They actually do work very well together as an anti aging skincare program.  When I used it (for 3 weeks following our return to the States), I felt as if my skin was becoming younger, brighter, softer, and more bouncy, or as the Taiwanese like to call it, "QQ."  These did not make me break out either.

The reason why I stopped was that I was getting bothered by the "placenta" ingredient in the products.  Placenta is a tissue that is part of the whole baby and birth process.  It's really big in Asia and touted as a miracle ingredient in anti-aging skincare.  Anyways, it got to a point where I felt like I was going to go to hell for using these products so I just stopped.  The placenta ingredient in these products are bovine, but still, that didn't really make me feel better.

Now, I have two really potent skincare products sitting on my shelf.  I don't know what I'm going to do with them.

So that leads me to my current skincare routine.

Yep, I am only and just using these two products.  I use the Sisley Ecological Compound day and night, and the Diorsnow UV Shield in the mornings.  I don't wear foundation or powder anymore, and I feel so liberated!  My skin isn't perfect, but I love how free my skin feels!  It can breathe and I haven't had any breakouts either.

I dunno.  Maybe I'll pick up the ole foundation and powder again and be astonished by the magic it can do for my face, but for right now I'm pretty content.  ^_^

I hope you all are having a great day, week, and month.  I will reply to your comments soon!  And thank you again for reading, and commenting!

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