October 18, 2012

Facials at Ann Karen Spa - August (Belated Updates)

Hi All!

Sorry that I've been slacking on my postings.  I've been busy with work and preparing for an upcoming trip to Taiwan.  Part of that preparation is going to the spa to get facials to, as my mom says, "Get rid of your pimples and smooth out your skin for makeup."  Yes....  It's a huge event that Mr. P and I are looking forward to.  :-)

Anyways, my esthetician Tiffany has done all of my facials since I started going there this month.  The first facial I did was the Whitening Facial.  Tiffany did a great job, but she also recommended that my next facial be the Acne Facial because my chin was so bumpy.  She was saying that it would look and feel so much better to get rid of the acne there before continuing with the whitening program because otherwise my skin would get brighter and my acne and spots would look darker.  I imagined "polk-a-dot skin". 

So, the 2nd weekend, we did the Acne Facial, which is the top picture of me.  Let me tell you... it was so painful!  My blackheads on my chin were so difficult to get out and it hurt so much that I couldn't stop my eyes from tearing up.  Tiffany was as gentle as she could be and complimented me on being so brave.  My face was spotty and a little inflamed for the next day or two, but then it started to heal.  She recommended that I purchase an acne cream from the front desk.  At first I thought she was trying to upsell me, which is probably very true, but as this event that's coming up is super important, I didn't want to risk it.  Let me tell you, I think this was one of the best recommendations I've ever followed!  I'll post on the acne cream later.

The 3rd weekend, we did the Whitening Facial, which is the bottom picture.  You can see how my acne scars have lessened and how much brighter my face is.  I know that Tiffany used a Jurlique cleanser on my face at the beginning of the facial.  I don't know what other products were used but I really like that these facials are working to brighten my skin.  Even Mr. P noticed!

Since my last facial appointment, I've been in amazement at how smooth my skin is!  I no longer have all those bumps on my chin from blackheads that lived under the skin in really tight pores.  Additionally, my cystic acne has also lessened.  Tiffany told me how my type of cystic acne was the inflamed type that accompanies improper blackhead extractions.  She said that blackheads have a head and a root.  People usually make the mistake of popping out a blackhead head and neglect to get the root out, which is why they (meaning, I) get reoccurring blackheads (or worse) in the same spots.  She also said that if I pop a whitehead and there's blood (gross, I know, but this is real life), I have to keep squeezing until all the blood runs out because that blood surrounding the whitehead is toxic and will cause hyperpigmentation.  I'm convinced now that I cannot pop another blackhead or pimple without Tiffany.

I have one more facial to go to this weekend.  Mr. P okayed me to go a 5th weekend right before we head out, so I'll update this post with those results as well.  I think I'll put the pictures right [here], cuz I want to get into other stuff about Ann Karen Spa right now.

UPDATE: 10/18/2012

Here are the pictures of my skin's improvement after the 3rd and 4th whitening facial sessions.  Currently, I'm changing my program to the Hydra-Serum Facial, which is supposed to reverse aging.  I'll do a separate post on that one!

I had definitely stopped wearing any foundation or powder by this time.  Only makeup on me are brows, eyes and lips.

Post acne marks are significantly faded, skin was a smoother canvas for my Engagement Ceremony.  Any spots left over from acne were easily covered by makeup.  My makeup artist didn't even have to use concealer.  Whoo hoo!!


Ann Karen Spa has over 30 treatment rooms over a 14,000 square foot space.  The women's changing room has a hot tub with mineral infused water, a steam sauna, and a dry sauna.  I don't know what the men's changing room has.  There is a special co-ed hot room that I love!  The room is heated through the floor.  You can have their special tea, watch some TV, or read a couple of magazines there while you wait for your treatment.  They also have a yellow soil hot room, and a Himalayan salt crystal hot room.  They call these the rooms where you can detox your skin.  It's uber-luxurious.  

Ann Karen Spa Services
In addition to the saunas, Ann Karen Spa services also include a variety of facials lasting between 75 to 90 minutes, and body massages.  I haven't tried the massages yet and don't know if I want to skip a facial for a massage.  LOL.  

Ann Karen Spa Cost
Ann Karen is definitely not cheap.  There are other spas nearby that offer facials for $30-$50 for about 60-75 minutes.  However, I believe Ann Karen Spa's service is top notch.  Additionally, you get to use Ann Karen's facilities (hot rooms, saunas, and showers for me!) for as long as you want on the day of your appointment.  The first 4 facial appointment I bought set me back nearly $400, and that's with new client discounts applied.  That does not include gratuity.  You can look up the price menu on the website.

Other things I like about Ann Karen Spa:
It's always clean.  The attendants in the women's changing rooms make sure that everything is wiped down after use, that all the robes and towels go in the hamper, and they give you their special tea or water after your treatment.  

I honestly look forward to each of my visits at Ann Karen Spa, but I also can't afford to go every weekend.  I wish I could!  I think I'll have to be okay with going every other weekend or something like that to stretch my money.  

This is my expensive pleasure.  ^_^  What's yours?

Thanks for stopping by and be on the lookout for my weekend 4 and 5 facial updates!

Original Post: 8/24/2012


Ari said...

Every time I go get a facial she always finds whiteheads that I don't notice!! It is so painful to remove them! I am afraid to go with I have bad skin. >< It's true it looks better after a 4-5 days but I usually try to cover my face for the first two days because it looks like a horrible mess x.x But hey no pain no gain.... I am probably due for a facial soon too....

Kusanagi said...

@Ari No paid, no gain is so true! I went again this past weekend and she found more that I didn't even know I had. Tears... so many tears! LOL!

Linh said...

Thanks for sharing your facial experience with us! You sound like you had a great experience despite the pain that you went through; plus you saw results! =) Are you planning to keep going to Ann Karen Spa after your trip to Taiwan?

As for my expensive pleasure, I go to the spa once a month! I do the following things every time: Waxing (Brazilian, upper lip, & eyebrows), & a Facial. For the past two months, I've also been getting a pedicure & a manicure. It's expensive, but I don't see anything wrong with pampering myself once a month. My husband always tells me I deserve it anyway. =)

Kusanagi said...

@Linh We women deserve a lot of things! *winks* I most definitely will keep going. It just feels sooooo good, especially the saunas!

Your spa experience sounds super luxurious! Do they focus a lot on total body care, too? What a sweet man! You do deserve it, especially now that your schedule is going to be so busy! I think everyone is going to support you relaxing and focusing on yourself one afternoon a month! :D

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