November 20, 2012

Product Review: T & J Pure & Natural Acne Control Cream


Hi Everyone,

This is a long awaited T&J Pure & Natural Acne Control Cream product review.  I bought this on the recommendation of my aesthetician back in August for a whopping $40+!  Luckily, I don't need to use a lot of it so I still have a good amount left.  I'm going to begin the product review right now.

Claims to:
1.  Help control and stabilize the sensitivity, puffiness of the epidermis.
2.  Improve the appearance of acne scars.

Help control and stabilize the sensitivity, puffiness of the epidermis
Yes to all.  I personally think this works maybe a day or two slower than benzoyl peroxide to calm down an inflamed bump and to reduce the swelling.  So, if you're looking for speed this product won't be the fastest.  However, I would choose this over BP because this does not dry out the skin.  I don't know about the rest of the population but whenever I use BP, it makes my skin so dry and flaky with microscopic cracks in my skin that makes the entire area sting like tiny papercuts.

Improve the appearance of acne scars
Ehhh... I think it's 50-50.  If I catch a bump early enough, this cream can make the whole thing go away as if it was never there.  However, if the pimple had a day to grow before I apply any of this cream, it take 4-5 days to go away and I do get left with a faded spot.  I'm happy enough that it never went through the angry red spot look but still... it's not going to make everything magically disappear.

Other notes:

  • It smells like medicine.
  • It's best used as the instructions say - with a cotton tip, not your fingers
  • It temporarily (1-2 days) whitens the skin wherever it is applied.  I have a natural flush in my cheeks and if I applied this on my cheeks in a cross-shaped pattern, my cheeks would have a cross-shaped white area on it even after being washed off, something to keep in mind for a day when I want to whiten my skin.  ;-P
  • It is undetectable if you want to apply a thin layer under your makeup routine, which is pretty good to treat and cover at the same time.

Would I repurchase this?  
Yes!  I really really really appreciate it not drying out my skin, not creating flakes, and not making my skin so tight and dry that any movement would microscopically crack my skin.  That whitening secret is good to have on hand for that super duper special occasion.

Well, thanks for waiting for this product review, and thanks for reading this far!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday, Everyone!  Don't go too crazy in Black Friday lines!  :-)


Janet said...

thanks for sharing! I've been in a lookout for products great for acne skin. I'm not that familiar with the brand but I'll check this out further. I used to be a BP user but it dries out my skin so much so I stop and switch to AHA which is much milder =) May I know around how much this cost? Thanks a lot =)

Ari said...

Great Review! My skin has calmed down since the weather is cooling down, I agree that BP does dry out the skin. Glad you found something that works!

Kusanagi said...

I think this was about $42 for this small jar. The spa where I go sells multiple sizes of this product, but I think the smallest jar would be enough for one person. Let me know if you can find it online or not.

Kusanagi said...

Thanks! Winter is always my favorite time of year b/c my skin decides to normalize itself now, too. LOL!

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