January 26, 2013

First Haul Post

Hi Everyone!

Southern California is experiencing a few days of warm (comparatively warm to this time of year) rain which clears the air of our usual smog but also diffuses the light at night.  Mr. P and I met some friends for dinner in Downtown LA and I was just amazed by how beautiful Los Angeles is lit up at night.  By the way, you know you're getting older when you want to call it a night at 9pm.  XD

Anyways, this is a picture of the ride home.  Coming up in this picture is the train station where Mr. P and I started and ended our first non-date 10 years ago.  My, how time flies!


Anywho, I wanted to show you my first haul post.  Below are the 3 items I purchased.

I've been so diligent in finishing up my toner and just in time too!  I finally got the toner that I've been wanting ever since I saw results with the Ann Karen whitening facials in August of last year.  The Jurlique mist comes in a solid glass spray bottle.  I haven't tried it yet but I will for sure do a review!

Above: I finally caved and got the basic Wen cleansing conditioner.  Again, just in time, as I had finished the Nuance leave-in treatment this morning.  I used it tonight and am impressed that my comb ran through my hair cleanly instead of running into tangles.  But I'm not thrilled that hair from the crown of my head retained a lot of the Wen cleansing conditioner.  And washing my hair with this product that has the consistency of.... thick pudding or vegetable shortening... was definitely a different experience.  Obviously, I didn't rinse my head and hair well enough, which is why the hair is still "wet" after 2 hours.  The hair around my hairline got rinsed well and I think if I rinsed the conditioning cleanser all out, I would be really impressed with the results!  A product review will be forthcoming.


Here a couple of samples I got with my purchases.  I got 2 cologne samples for Mr. P, just to mix things up a little bit. 

 Hope you all are having a good night!


Linh said...

Great haul, Carol!

Can't wait for the review on the Jurlique mist toner! It seems like a great product.

I've heard so many great things about the Wen products, but I've always hesitated because it doesn't seem like it'll really clean my hair! Please update us! =)

P.S. Edgar and I call it a night at 9 PM too! haha.

Kusanagi said...

Hi Linh! Good to know I'm not alone with the 9pm thing. Haha.

I will definitely post up a review on the Jurlique toner.

As far as the Wen cleansing conditioner, I can definitely see a lot of pros, but they come with a cost. I'll do an update post on my first impressions later this weekend then I'll follow up with a proper review later.

I hope you and the hubby are doing well!

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