January 22, 2013

FOTD Lancôme Glamour on the Go

Hi All!

I took this picture a few days ago when I was feeling so good.  But I think I'm getting sick now.

Anyways, here's an FOTD from the Lancome Glamour on the Go travel palette.

Progress report on living out of one makeup box.  It's freaking hard to do!  I have so many palettes and colors already picked out for January, but I'm getting bored and want to try my other shades.  I look at them every day and they say, "Please, pick me up.  Dip your eyeshadow brush in me and enjoy my color on your eyelids."

There are only 9 more days in January.  Wish me luck to stick to this!!

As they say in Korean dramas.... *fighting!*


Gummy said...

This is such a beautiful look on you! What lipstick are you wearing? Is it from the Lancome palette too? I have to applaud you for trying to live out of a makeup box...so many pretties out there to choose from! Thank you for the update!!

Btw...have you started thinking about bridal looks, or is that way far off yet?

Kusanagi said...

Hi Gummy! Thanks! Yeppers, that lipstick is from the palette. It's actually the one that looks like a crater in the palette (I don't remember the name of the shade). It's not the best lipstick in the world because it dries and flakes off my lips, but it works so darn well with all the other colors in the palettes.

Regarding the other question, I will send you an email. ;-)

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