May 26, 2010

Product Review: Mentholatum Acnes Cleanser

Here in the United States Mentholatum is a brand that is highly associated with ointments that unblock nasal passages and medicine.  When I was in Taiwan last year, I bought Mentholatum Acnes facial cleanser, which is written in Chinese and only available to the Pacific Asian Region and Japan (no fair, Asia gets the best of everything!).  I tried to find more of it online and such, because I really LOVE the cleanser and have tried hard to make my 2 tubes of it last...  but I won't be getting more of this unless I go back to Tawain/Asia and hit up the 7-11 stores.  ^_^

For brand information on Mentholatum Acnes and to see more brands under the Mentholatum, visit their official company site

What I really like about this cleanser is that it has a citrus smell to it, like lemons.  So, it psychologically makes me feel clean just be the scent.  I usually take a pea-sized amount on my fingertips, rub my fingers together for 2 seconds and start massaging in circular motions on my wet face.  At first it feels really creamy, but then after mixing with the moisture on your skin, it starts to lather up.  A pea-sized amount is enough to lather your entire face and throat and neck.  I like to spend extra time lathering and massaging my face, but once you rinse it off, it your skin feels so squeaky clean without feeling stripped of essential moisture!

The only downside to this product is that I can't buy it in America.  The good thing is that it is easily accessible in Asia (7-11 stores, Watson's, etc.).

The tube is a perfect size for traveling.  I am not very sure if it really helps with acne.  All the ingredients are listed in Chinese, which I can't read, but I have never had a problem with breaking out from using it. 

I love this product a lot, but I'm probably not going to pay premium pricing for it when I know how much it costs in Taiwanese dollars and know that if I buy it from the internet, I'm only getting ripped off.  ^_^

But for those of you lucky enough to have this in your neighborhood stores, I do recommend this product.  I love it!  ^_^

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