May 16, 2010

Economically sound oil blotting paper

In one of my previous posts I mentioned than e.l.f. Shine Erasers (oil blotting sheets) were economically sound, being $0.02 per sheet, or $1.00 for a packet of 50 sheets.  

This is indeed a wonderful alternative to the Clean&Clear oil blotting sheets, which is a little under $6.00 for a packet of 50 sheets.  

As it turns warmer, my skin is producing more and more oil.  In the winter I used about 4 sheets per blotting.  It is only spring, but I am having to use 6 sheets per blotting, and believe me, I blot more than twice a day now!!

The reason I'm bringing this up now is that I think I may have found a good alternative for even less than e.l.f.'s Shine Erasers.  I had bought some gift wrapping tissue paper.  I believe per pack, there are 10 sheets estimating about 24 x 24 inches wide (approximate??).  They might be smaller than 24 x 24 inches, but they are definitely larger than 14 x 14 inches.  

I cut several 4 x 4 inch squares and used that to blot my face.  The tissue paper I cut today does a decent job.  I wouldn't say that it wicks away oil as quickly as the Clean&Clear or e.l.f. oil blotters, but it does a decent job of absorbing excess oil and mattifying my skin. The only con I can think about for now is that the tissue paper absorbs oil more slowly because I had to keep the paper on my skin for a longer time.  

The best thing about the tissue paper is that you can cut it to any size you want.  For me, I would love a face-sized oil blotter.  LOL!  The second best thing is that it would be even cheaper than the e.l.f. Shine Erasers.  We can never go wrong when we save money, right?

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