July 09, 2010

Fighting Back Eczema*!

I've had dry, itchy patches near my eyes and on my nose, I also had more than usual breakouts, even after Moon Time.  So, I needed to fight back and take control of my skin!

In terms of cleansing, I needed to exfoliate a little bit more because my dry skin was causing my moisturizers to ball up during application.  So, I thought if I exfoliated a little more there, I could take away the dry flakes and be able to put on my moisturizers without having to brush off the skin balls.  I used my HG St. Ives Daily Microderm Abrasion and St. Ives Naturally Clear Green Tea Cleanser.

I mixed both in my hands and then rubbed my hands together to create the lather.

I took some time massaging this potent exfoliator and pimple zapper mixture all over my face.  I must have spent a minute or more doing that.  After washing it off, my skin does feel softer and a little more brilliant, but that's about it.  I still have old acne scars and new ones forming.  -_-  But I can live with that.  Haha... that shows you where my priorities lie!

I have a dry patch on the side of my nose, where my glasses rest on the bridge.  It is itchy and flakey there, as well on the side of my right eye.  Maybe exfoliating really does help smooth out rough, dry skin!

This is just a tiny bit of my brother's Elta Tar, which he uses for his psoriasis.  It doesn't really smell so good, unless you like the smell of medicines, and it has the consistency of petroleum jelly or Egyptian Magic, which I have used, I do like, but I gave it to Mr. P.

I just rub my finger over it, very lightly, and it melts the "jelly" on contact.

I rubbed it on my "eczema" spot.  Again, I think it's eczema but I'm not sure because I haven't been diagnosed by a doctor.  It is a little bit oily but if you keep rubbing it will eventually get absorbed.  The patch on the bridge of my nose is actually doing better, but the patch on the side of my eye is still very rough to my touch.  I'm not sure if this works better than Egyptian Magic.  

So after treating the dry spots, I move on to pimples!  I haven't finished my prescription benzoyl peroxide yet, so I will just keep using it until I'm finished.  I think that my decision to transfer it to the SK-II pump bottle was a good decision because the pharmacist who mixed it made it very gel-like.  Super gel, because it was kind of like almond jelly!  

I put a bit on a cotton tip and put a very thick layer on my spots.  This is only spot treatment!

This looks so inglorious but it really does work!  Obviously, you need to rub it around over the spot, but the thick layer of BP has helped shrink some pimples and dry them up.

That's it for fighting back.  I'm hoping to have clear skin soon!

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