May 07, 2010

Product Review: Purpose Gentle Cleansing Wash (Johnson & Johnson)

You can see and read more about this product here

I first found out about this product from Xteeener on YT.  A few months later, I found out that Emilynoel83 (YT) also uses this product.  I figured I'd give it a try since Xteeener said that it removed ALL her makeup.  I was quite excited about this because it's very inexpensive for the quantity that you get.  I believe that the 12 oz. bottle won't be more than $10 USD.

1.  Removes dirt, oil, makeup without stripping or drying your face.
2.  Won't sting eyes (for eye makeup removal)
3.  Leave skin feeling clean and refreshed.

How true are the claims in my experience?  It does remove dirt, oil, and makeup.  My face does not feel tight or dry after washing and before toning.  I honestly can't tell you if it won't sting the eyes.  I haven't tried opening my eyes with this product on or near them.  And I do feel that my skin is clean after cleansing.

However, just because the claims are mostly true it doesn't mean that I'm totally satisfied with this product.  Here are my DISLIKES about this product.

1.  It doesn't lather up very much on the first go, which is why I feel as if I have to wash a second time.  The second time I wash with this product it produces a bit more lather, which makes me feel cleaner.  Maybe it's psychological.

2.  It doesn't have any exfoliating scrubbing beads in it.  I usually equate feeling "refreshed" and "clean" with a little exfoliation.  

3.  Purpose Gentle Cleansing Wash does not have salicylic acid in it, so it's not really for acne control.  Well, basically, I can't fault this product for this last one.  I didn't read the label.  

Now, here are my LIKES about this product.

1.  It really is gentle!  My skin never feels tight or dry no matter if I wash once or twice.

2.  It doesn't have heavy fragrance - big plus for me!

3.  It has minimal ingredients so I can feel comfortable with saying it's more natural than a product with twice as many ingredients.

4.  I suppose the double-edged sword is that if I wash the 2nd time around and it foams up, I will know without a doubt that my face has been cleansed of all makeup and oil.  @_@ 

Would I repurchase this product again?  I think I would, despite my dislikes.  There is probably a 65% chance that I would repurchase this product because it does what it claims.  ^_^

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