August 11, 2010

Skin and eye problems update, August

My birthday is drawing near... one year without Mr. P.  *sighs!*  Another story, another time.

Well, the update on my skin problems...  I haven't been breaking out a lot since the last time I mentioned it, so I'm happy about that.  I am breaking out in preparation for my monthly cycle, which this and last month is late.  I haven't had it yet for the month of July.  It's getting into August and I'm only barely starting to feel a cramp (one cramp).  Maybe it'll arrive in another week or two?

My eczema-like rash is all but gone.  I stopped using the Neutrogena sunblock since August 1 and my skin is back to normal now.  Normal and oily, which is what I prefer to dry, itchy, and rough!  I'm going to give it to my friend back in California to see if her skin can stand up to the sunblock.  I really like it, I'm just so sorry that I'm allergic to something in it.

My right eye is giving me problems.  It's been watery for about a week and a half.  Not only watery, there is a lot of discharge.  I cannot get through the day or night without having some handy tissues by my side.  I at first thought I was having an allergic reaction to my mascara, but seeing as how I have gone 4 days without mascara and still no sign of improvement, I am thinking maybe its a reaction to eyeshadow.  I have not worn any corrective or colorful makeup since the first of August.  I feel so dowdy...  But still I have this eye irritation thing.

Let me get through the rest of August without makeup or contact lenses (I've been wearing glasses... I hate the way it feels on my nose.  I get paranoid that my glasses will leave groves along the sides of the bridge of my nose) or anything and see if that helps.

The only powder that I'm wearing is my Chanel face powder because that has SPF 25 PA +++ and offers more protection than the Olay moisturizer.  But I should really use up all my bareMinerals powder foundation because I like my Chanel face powder so much more (it is so much more luxurious than bareMinerals and I want to make it last!).  ^_^

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