October 08, 2010

MAC, my small collection

I used my MAC liquid foundation (Select SPF 15 Foundation, NC30... is mine Studio Fix? I don't know, the bottle doesn't say) today because I felt it was too dry to use a powder foundation.  The weather changed so quickly!  It seemed that I was crying about the heat and humidity only last week; however it is now cool and dry.  Anyways, I thought that since I still have some MAC liquid foundation, I might as well get around to having an "overview" post about the very few MAC products I own.  I'm going to include some personal opinions as well.

I have stated before that I'm not very fond of the MAC liquid foundations.  I believe these are too yellow-toned even for people with yellow undertones.  I was watching a bridal tutorial on youtube a while ago.  The artist (Pixiwoo from the UK) used a MAC foundation and she ended up looking yellow.  I mean, her makeup was still beautiful, but her skin tone changed.  I've noticed the same thing happening with me.  Additionally, my particular foundation oxidizes and dries to a matte finish very quickly, so I need to be very fast with application.  In terms of matteness and coverage, this foundation is really very good.  However, I just feel so ambivalent about this foundation, as if I could probably find a better product out there that wouldn't turn me yellower.

In my last posting regarding MAC (blush in Cubic, satin), I stated that I am not too impressed with the brand except to say that they're marketing genius in that they've created a universal color matching system.  Well, I must take back my thoughts on the blush.  The more I use it the more I like it.  The blush color does seem more mature to me because it's a deeper color and not something girly pink, like some other blushes I've seen.  As the weather turns cooler and drier, and my skin grows paler, I believe this blush color becomes more flattering on me.  So, my conclusion is that this blush is better suited for the Autumn and Winter seasons.

The eyeshadows I bought in April of 2008.  The lady at the counter helped me choose these because I wanted something natural for my presentation.  A friend helped the lady choose the eyeshadow in Rice Paper (frost) for my highlight.  I really like Rice Paper!  The texture is smooth (mine looks crappy because I dropped it and it broke and I tried to repress it) and it gives a nice satin finish.  Unfortunately, when I wear this in the summer when I'm at my oiliest, it looks too shiny by the 5th hour.

The pink eyeshadow (Sweet Lust, lustre) is actually quite nice.  It's difficult to see when I have it on (that's natural for ya!) but recently I've started to use it as a highlight color.  I believe that maybe using a soft eyeshadow brush is not the best tool for this eyeshadow because the color is too frosty and the shimmers don't adhere to my skin or the brush hairs.  Thus, I get a bit of fallout on my eyelids.

These brushes I also bought in April of 2008.  The angled blush brush / contouring brush (# 168) has been a staple for either face powder or more recently blushes.  It's nice and soft, I like it.  The eyeshadow brush (# 239)is nice, but for some reason, I don't really use it much.  I don't know why.  haha..

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