December 08, 2010

Product Review: Tarte Jewelry Box (Limited Edition)

Tarte Jewelry Box
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I am revamping this post because the messiness of the original format is getting on my nerves.  Also, now is a good time for a Product Review.

I received my Tarte Jewelry Box at the beginning of November.  It looks great on the website and is truly a fantastic value.  For $52, you get 47 different makeup products plus a multi-strand necklace.  I like looking at the necklace but know I won't wear it any time soon.  Necklaces make me feel as if my head is swelling from blocking the blood flow in my jugular veins...  Yeah, I'm weird, I know.

I won't be able to justify another cosmetic purchase for the next 5 years.  There's just so much product and every day is a new makeup adventure!

It is now the beginning of December and I have developed a love/hate relationship with this box.  I love it because this is all-inclusive.  I can get everything I need, such as: eyebrow shades, eye shadows, blush shades, highlights, contour, bronzer, eyeliners, eyeshadow base, lip glosses, and extra room for travel sized brushes when you remove the gold tray holding the eyeliners.  The shadows are pigmented and buildable.  The shadows are a little on the softer side because they powderize <-- I honestly can't find a word to describe it when I dip my brush in the pan.  The lip glosses are amazingly pigmented and moisturizing.  The highlighter is my favorite because it has pink and gold shimmers but isn't overbearing.  I love this box because it has everything I need.  I just wish the pans were removable...

I hate this box because it is the damnedest, most awkward box ever.  The top lid flips up to reveal a large mirror, but the attached necklace makes it noisy and heavy.  The top level of shimmering shadows is glued to the side panels of the box and opens by swinging out like double French doors or the suicide doors of a Honda Element.  This means that you cannot have anything near or around this box sharing your vanity top.  This also means that if you don't open the top layer all the way, you won't be able to access some of the matte shadows on the second level.  Yep, just put this box on its own little pedestal, all alone.  The lip gloss drawer slides out too easily and again, don't even bother putting this box near your collection of other skincare and cosmetics.  It requires a large surface area.  Also, the worst thing about this box is that there is just ONE magnet holding the front flap closed and it is a weak magnet at that.  This box is not travel friendly.

I'm not going to do a swatch of this product because other bloggers and youtubers have covered it.  The links are below.


Just for kicks, this is what the last drawer with eyeliner originally looks like.

The eyeliners are awesome, btw.  They are pigmented and creamy and so easy to take if you're traveling.  In fact, it's easy to make these eyeliners the only thing you'll need for eye makeup when you travel.  They're that good.

Okay, anyways, when you take the gold tray out, you open up a lot of space for extra goodies.  I like my Sonia Kashuk travel brushes because they're flat and they fit.  You could also put cotton tips and other stuff in there.  

So here in this "bonus" I'm putting some looks I did using products from the Tarte Jewelry Box and my own pictures of the palette.

Olive Green and first time lining my waterline

First level of shimmering shadows, left half
Left: No flash                     Right: With flash

First level of shimmering shadows, right half
Left: No flash                        Right: With flash

Second level of matte shadows, left side
Left: No flash                       Right: With flash

Second level of matte shadows, right side
Left: No flash                      Right: With flash

Park Ave. Princess Mineral Powder Bronzer & Soft Pink Luminizer
Left: No flash                      Right: With flash

Lip glosses
Left: No flash                       Right: With flash

Creamy, long-lasting eyeliners
Top: No flash
Bottom: With flash

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