December 03, 2010

Kate Diamond Cut Eyes in GD-1 Gold Diamond

This video-cam may not be the right camera to take good pictures.  Everything looks so grainy!  However, this post is about this Kate eyeshadow palette and a monolid look that looks pretty darned good!

These taupey brown shades are so flattering!  They're natural, not over-the-top, yet they add a bit of interesting to any eyes.  ^_^

I've been practicing eyeshadow hygiene by using cotton buds to apply all eyeshadows.  For this look, I used the cream colored e/s on the top right of the palette to highlight under the brow and in the inner corner / tear duct area.  Using the taupe color on the bottom left of the palette, I shaded all over my eyelids from lash line to the hollows of my eye socket.  With the black shade on the bottom right of the palette, I lined my upper lash line and blended in circular motions at the outer corner to create a flick.  With the remaining black shadow on the cotton bud, I smudged it under my lower lash line, stopping 2/3 way in.

This palette was a gift from the wonderful Sue Lynn.  Visit her blog and youtube channel to find out why I like her so much!

I had this post up and ready to go for a couple of weeks now and am barely putting it up now.  I think I was testing out my Vegas look for the convention.


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