October 06, 2011

Battle Mascara 4: CoverGirl Exact Eyelights Mascara vs. All Others

Hi All!  So, let me first preface this by the following:  Results depend on environment as much as they depend on your own genetic chemistry. :-)

Okay on to Battle Mascara 4! 

CG Exact Eyelights Mascara (I used waterproof)
This mascara has sparkles in it.  When it dries turns crunchy, which maybe dries out my lashes
 So, my score card shows CG Exact Eyelights is a great mascara.  It lasts the whole day and doesn't make me look scary by the end of it...in America.  I took this with me to Taiwan and Thailand.  I just gave up using it in Asia because the heat and humidity, mixed with my oils and sweat, broke it down fast.

I like that this mascara has sparkles in it.  Granted, I don't think people can really see them on my lashes, but I can and that's what matters. ;-)

I used two types (non-oily and oily) eye makeup removers to take this off because this is strong enough to stand up to the Johnson's Head to Toe Baby Wash that I use for my face.  Let me just conclude that you need the oily type to remove this mascara.

Here are a couple shots of my eyelashes with the CG Exact Eyelights wp mascara.  You can see the sparkles in some of them.  I really love they way it holds the curl!!  And side note: my left lashes are longer than my right lashes, it's not the mascara's fault!  haha.

Thanks for reading and have a great week!


Mai said...

nice review (:

CMPang x

Kusanagi said...

Thanks for your comment! I'll try to have more mascara battles. :)

Cathy Liu said...

Hey can you try L'oreal's Voluminous Million Lashes Mascara?

Kusanagi said...

@Cathay Sure, I'll give it a try in a few days. Thanks for the request!

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