October 10, 2011

Durango's Restaurant: Authentic Mexican Food

Outside the restaurant.  It's modest exterior hides a bold interior.  haha
Easy access information right here.  :-)
Chips and 2 types of salsa.  I think one is Pico de Gallo salsa and the other is a chipotle mole type salsa.
My carne asada quesadilla!!!
Mr. P's asada enchilada plate.  Look at that enchilada sauce!  Mr. P inhaled his food so fast!

This weekend Mr. P and I stopped by this Mexican restaurant on our way to visit friends in Murrieta.  I've been craving some Mexican food out here in Rowland Hts., but wanted good quality Mexican food like the food at El Atacor Taqueria up in Los Angeles.  I am so glad we stopped here. 

Welcome, Durango's Restaurant!

Really, the food is well seasoned and flavored.  What I like from my dish is that this is GOOD Mexican food.  It's not overly greasy like Mexican fastfood, and they used real beef steak for the meat, not the ground up meats. 

Also, I really liked the variety of meats and preparation styles for each food type that was on their menu.  I like to think it's a sign of their authenticy, like they wanted to show you what real Mexico was like beyond the usual chicken, pork, and beef.

We also had a really good waiter.  Yeahhh.... we did wait a little long for the food, but it was soooo worth it.  Our waiter was also really nice and gave us extra chips and salsa and refilled our drinks when he came to check up on us and keep us posted on our food.

If you're in the La Puente, see if you can stop by. 

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