October 16, 2011

China Airlines Beauty Collection


Here is my China Airlines beauty collection!  Let me just say that I am a loyal China Airlines flyer.  Yes.  I'm aware of their history, but what can I say?  I've always flown China Airlines when traveling to and through Asia.  :-)  Also, it doesn't hurt that China Airlines has a really good catalog of in-flight, duty free products.

I bought a couple of luxurious goods.  This isn't going to be a review post because I haven't opened any except one, and the one I opened I haven't used that long.
Now......   BEHOLD!!!!!!!


I guess packaging makes all the difference.  They're both 30ml.
This is the palette I always wanted because it has everything!  I'm wondering if I shouldn't host a blog giveaway with this as the main prize...?
Ahaha!  I love going back to Taiwan to visit my family.  I can't wait until Mr. P can come with me.  ^_^  Look at the cute paper cup we used in Taiwan.  It's so smart because it's 1-2 time use, is really thin and easy to recycle or decompose, and you can fit so many more cups in the cup dispenser than you can with the structured cups we see here in America.

Cute paper cups from the water fountain and Kaohsiung Int'l Airport.
Whoa!  What a grip!
My brother filled my water cup / pouch thingy for me.

Soooo.... yeah.  I'm still wondering if I should host a blog giveaway for the Lancome travel palette.  It's really one of the most perfect palettes I've ever seen because it has everything!  The product detail says it has:
  • 1 mini lip contour pencil in Rose The
  • 1 mini black khol pencil
  • 1 powder blusher in Rose Sable 02
  • 1 compact powder in Translucide 01
  • 1 concealer in Beige Clair 02
  • 3 ombre absolue powder eye shadows in White Duo G01, Dark Purple Quad A10, and Mono A10
  • 2 color focus powder eye shadows in Mauve Quad N4 and Gris Acier
  • 1 color design powder eye shadow in #501
  • 1 color fever shine in #306
  • 1 color fever in #312
  • 1 l'absolue rouge in #354
  • 1 free mini virtuose black mascara
I should have bought 2 so I can try one for myself.  Ahhhh, well.  This is how the cookie crumbles I guess.  I'm still deciding if I want to do this giveaway, but I'm down to hear your thoughts.  Feel free to leave me a comment with your thoughts and suggestions.  Of course, it doesn't hurt to follow me, either.  *wink, wink!*

Thanks for reading and I promise to do a review on the Lancome Blanc Expert a little later.


Jen said...

Im looking forward to your reviews more than your giveaway :P Haha, people will probably say to do the giveaway, but it's up to you.. I'd feel bad i you couldnt test out that palette first, esp since you said you've always wanted it.. >.<

Kusanagi said...

Thanks for your comment and thoughts, I really appreciate it! Haha, yeah, I bought it because I wanted it for the all-in-one convenience of it, but when I take a step back, I realize that I'm covered. This is exactly why I bought the UNII palettes :-) So, I'm pretty sure that I will be okay with a giveaway.

I'm really glad that you like my reviews. Let me know if there is anything in my collection that you're curious about and I'll do a review on it too. ^_-

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