October 17, 2011

Thailand Travels: Beauty Edition

After all the traveling I did in 2010 I like to think that I've mastered the art of traveling light.  It could also be considered the art of subsistence living, beauty-wise.

The above picture details what I brought with me on my Taiwan/Thailand trip minus the makeup brushes and 1 Clinique foaming cream cleanser and my Missha bb cream.  That Clinique cleanser got accidentally left behind in Taiwan.  It's okay.  I wasn't too impressed with the cleanser because it made my face feel sticky (like how it feels when you touch your semi-oily face in the middle of the day) after washing.  I know it didn't strip the oils from my face, which I would have appreciated in the winter, but for Taiwan and Thailand?  Capitals of HOT and HUMID?  It just wasn't working out.  I didn't even use it all that much.  I just did the wash cloth in hot water and wiped.  :-P

So, in a nutshell, the makeup ended up in one of my UNII palettes which was awesome because I could touchup on the train, plane, and bus without having to bring my entire bathroom sink counter.  The skincare items were tried and true products and perfect for the hot and humid climates.  I used the Clinique moisture surge line for eye gel and moisturizer.  I also used a Clinique eye cream with SPF for day time, and the Aveeno sun block (packed into my contact lens case).  I should have put some of that Aveeno on my feet because I have a funny ballet shoe tan.  =_=

I forgot to get my Missha bb cream out (it's the same one in my Swatchfest for face post) but I ended up using it half the time.  Seriously, the weather in Thailand and Taiwan was just anti-makeup.  Everything melted off my face by breakfast time.  But it's okay.  I had fun with my family and I think that more than makes up for the inconvenience of a couple of visible acne scars.  Haha!

I've dedicated a page to my Thailand Vacation, which you can get to through the pages tab above or by clicking this entire sentence.  ^_-

Thanks for reading!  ^_^

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