September 29, 2012

Taiwan Trip *Special Post!*

Hi Everyone!

Sooo, I hope everyone is doing great!  I am glowing!  Only because things are changing for me so quickly, and I'll show you why in a brief moment!

I promised you all that I would post on my new China Airlines skincare products and routine but I can't remember where I put my iPad....  It's not lost, I just can't find it for now.  So, that post, which I wanted to come before this post for sure, will just have to come later.

I also wanted to have one more travel post of Mr. P and me in Taiwan before this special post, but we haven't even begun sorting through our plethora of pictures.  Dealing with jet lag and everything that's been going on in the one week we've been back has just made everything busier!

But I just can't hold back anymore!  Here's the happy news!

Mr. P and I are officially engaged!  And by "officially," I mean in the Taiwanese tradition where we went through the Engagement Ceremony!

Walking into my parents' house where the Ceremony was held.

The Ceremony with our relatives and the Mistress of Ceremony.

So now, below, are a few pictures we took at Maya Studios in Taiwan.  They are so professional, and my makeup artist did such a fantastic job with my overall look that I secretly want to bring her to America to make me look this great everyday!  *fantasy, fantasy!*

My relatives said I looked like Coco Lee.  I personally don't see it, but hey!  A compliment is a compliment, so I'll take it!  LOL!

Everything happened so quickly and we were brought from place to place that it seems like a blur.  But I really really really appreciate everything my family did for us and am so touched to have such family!  I was so happy to see how everyone welcomed Mr. P into the family.

I'm just looking forward to life together with Mr. P.  It makes me really giddy!

By the way, in the professional photos, my makeup artist was also the hair dresser.  She did a great job, right?  That was 5 layers of hair spray, about 10 layers of double eyelid tape, combined, and 12 hours of photography!  It's crazy, but I would do it again and again and again!

Thanks for reading and have a great day!!!



Linh said...

Carol, you look so BEAUTIFUL!

Congratulations on your engagement! I am so happy for you two. =)

Ari said...

omg you look sooo prettyyyyy!!!!!


You look very happy! =)

Gummy said...

What amazing news!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! :-) You look absolutely gorgeous...thank you for sharing the beautiful news and pics!!! Yay :-)

Kusanagi said...

@Linh @Ari @Gummy

Thank you so much! It really means a lot to me to read your comments. Sorry that I'm been missing for a while and it's taken over a month to even say "thank you!" But I'm so touched by you ladies being happy for us. Thank you! Thank you!!

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