July 10, 2010

Product Review: e.l.f. High Definition Powder

I bought this product a while back and have probably used it less than 14 times during the past few months.  I first learned about from emilynoel83 on youtube.  Since this product has been compared to more high-end products with equally high ratings, I figured I might as well try it.

Emilynoel83 likes it but it is probably not her most favorite product in terms of finishing powder because she believes it won't last through the day.  

I, however, really like it and think it can last throughout the day!

I bought this on eyeslipsface.com for $6 USD.  

The powder itself is very very finely milled and will fly out in a poof if you breathe on it or use force to pick up the product with the included finger puff or brush.  The powder is white but turns translucent when applied on your skin.  I don't recommend using the puff to apply the powder because the powder will fly everywhere and the puff picks up so much product that what is actually needed that you will get a cakey look.

The best way, I find, is to use a face brush (which I just bought!), dab it lightly on the puff or in the sifter, tap off the excess, and lightly brush all over your face.  You don't need a lot, just a very light dusting on your face.

I have never noticed any immediate results other than immediate matte-ness on my face.  But 5 minutes after application, the powder has set itself and my face takes on a very nice healthy glow.  This glow can last me several hours WITHOUT any oil blotting.  I know my face is getting oily, because any other day I'd need to blot by noon, but the way the powder interacts with my skin and oils is to dilute the shine.

What other reviewers of this product have said is that the powder gives them a soft focus finish.  I agree with it.  I believe that I will always keep one on hand.

^_^  Kus

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