October 25, 2011

Product Review: Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief

The first time that I tried this product was back in 2002!  Can you believe it's been that long?  This is one of those products I keep coming back to time and time again just because it satisfies nearly all my skincare needs.  I'd say this is one of my VIPs (very important products).  Hahaha!

Hydration for a full 24 hours
I have a day and night routine so I can't put this claim to the test all that much.  This gel moisturizer is one of the best moisture delivery systems I've used to date that doesn't leave my face feeling greasy or sticky afterwards.

Fine lines, flakiness and tightness are washed away
Yes, yes, and yes!  This product is simply amazing for the summer because it provides the right type of hydration for my skin that does plump up and minimize my fine lines.  The gel moisturizes but also provides some sort of barrier between my skin and the outside air.  The best part is that it takes 2 minutes to absorb into my skin, leaving it smooth and soft to the touch.  In the winter, however, my skin demands a little more than gel can provide.
Supple, firm, vibrant well-being
Huh?  Well, I guess my skin can feel supple after applying the Moisture Surge gel.  I have a feeling that this particular claim is a bunch of words thrown together that sound nice.  This gel isn't an anti-aging or firming product, so this claim here is based on your current skin condition.  

Even through shifts in humidity
Oh, YES!  It works in dry California in the summer, and it worked in humid Taiwan and Thailand, too.  It kept my face feeling as fresh as it could until my excited sebaceous glands took over.  

I'm not sure how anyone could "tap" this product over makeup during the mid-day.  Personally, I'm confused because my makeup at mid-day is slipping around from my oils.  So, to tap this on during the day....?  Wouldn't my makeup just smear all over?

I use this when I have breakouts because it feels so light on my skin and doesn't aggravate or add any new pimples to the mix.

Seeing as how this is my 9th year with this product, do I need to say it?  LOL!  Okay, yes, I would definitely repurchase this and I'd definitely recommend this product to people.

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